Record only one score per hole in “TEAM SCORE” area: Handicap will be deducted from 18 hole gross score.

Holes #1 - #6: SCRAMBLE -- Both players hit tee shot. Choose and mark preferred ball position with tee. Both players drop or place ball within one club length (no closer to the hole) and hit the next shot. Continue this sequence until ball is holed out. A ball on green is to be marked and played from the same spot. A ball not on the green (on the fringe) cannot be placed or dropped on the green, and a ball in a hazard must be played from the hazard if that is the ball chosen to play.

Holes #7 - #12: (Modified-Chapman) SCOTCH -- Both players hit tee shot.

Holes #13 - #18: BEST BALL -- Both players play their own ball throughout the hole. Just record the better-ball score. WINTER RULES !

Handicap Calculation

Team Handicap = 50 % of the lower index player’s handicap + 20% of the higher index player’s handicap. Team handicap cannot exceed the lower Index player’s handicap. If one player does not have a GHIN index, the team handicap will be 20% of the other team member.

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