SMGC Policy Regarding - One Flight / Split Tees


There are times, because of small fields in our tournaments, the Tournament Director is forced to designate only one tee to be used.  Some players, at their option, under SMGC rules players have always been allowed to play longer tees without penalty.  Their scores are posted from those tees and no additional handicap adjustment is made to the tournament results reflecting the tees played.


In cases where the field is relatively equal in players wishing to play from the default tee (White) and longer (Blue) tee, the Tournament Director may, at his discretion, designate split tees within the flight.  In this case a Course Handicap Adjustment will be made to those playing from the longer tees.


In general, this process will not be used.  An effort will be made by the Tournament Chairman to create two distinct flights, playing from different tees with a reduced number of positions paid out for each flight.

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